domingo, 22 de setembro de 2013

Alges - Belem - Carcavelos Beach with Couchsurfer Yael Lewis

Dear all,


The bicycle has arrived some time ago and finally I had the chance of going for a small trip where I took some pictures and I decided to share it with you.

This time I had a lovely fellow cycler with me, my couchsurfer Yael from Israel.


We headed slowly for the typical "pasteis de Belem". Do you know a better breakfast than this?

Yael & PeterLamb at Pasteis de Belem
Sneaking into where the magic happens
PeterLamb at Pasteis de Belem
Yael at Pasteis de Belem. Happy mode!!!

After the "pit stop" it was time to start slowly to be heading to the beach. Weather was still lovely, and seizing the last summer day at the beach seemed a good plan to both of us!

PeterLamb and Yael
Yael cycling and waving along River Tejo
A bit after Alges

The path takes us along the river and the views are great!

This is the path I will be using daily to go to work!

Yael cycling

The first beach we stopped for a little swim, was just after Cruz Quebrada.

Yael & PeterLamb at the beach

After a little break we proceed with some more cycling!

We got some company
Yael admiring River Tejo
Yael & PeterLamb cycling close to Paço de Arcos

We reached the "Passeio Maritimo de Oeiras". Shame that is forbidden to cycle there, but well, we were cycling slowly, so we took that way.

Yael practicing her new biking style

Cycling along River Tejo at Passeio Maritimo is very nice!

Yael at Passeio Maritimo
Yael & PeterLamb at Passeio Maritimo
Cycling slowly
Yael & river Tejo in the background

Cycling with good company is indeed nice!

Cycling in good company

It was then time for a short stop and try to have new "flying style pictures"!

Yael & PeterLamb flying

Well, day was nice and we were not the only ones at the beach that day!

Yael and a crowded beach

After some swim and sun bathing, it was time for some meal!


We have returned to Alges by train.

Cyclin towards train station


Yael, thank you for your lovely company on this day. It was great to cycle with you and enjoy the last summer day of 2013. I have no idea where I was the previous years on the last summer day, but this sunday it will be for sure in my mind for a lomg time! Cheers girl!!!


Summary of the day:

  • Daily distance - 20,63 km
  • Daily time - 1h55m27s
  • Average speed - 11,06 km/h
  • Maximum speed - 23,57 km/h


And that is all for now folks!

See you at the next trip!





domingo, 1 de setembro de 2013

Good phrase / Filosophy for the end of this trip

Dear all,


Well, this trip came to an end. I am now at Warsaw airport, waiting for boarding the aircraft.

Anyway, I read somewhere this phrase that I think is nice and should be shared:

"Lets not cry because it is OVER, but lets SMILE because has HAPPENED!!"


All the trip was great, it is really difficult to choose just one smilling picture for this trip, but I think that this one, for several reasons, will always makes me smile when I will look at it:


Well, see you at the next travel!


That is all for now folks!