domingo, 28 de setembro de 2014

Bike trip to Cascais with Lily & Julia

Dear all,


Well, I cannot say that it was really a trip, but it was a ride I never did before (how come??), so I want to write it down :)

Today, Sunday, the weather was good for a bike trip, I thought to take the couchsurfers out to Lisbon (perhaps "Expo" Area), but we ended up going Westbound :)

We started cycling, not exactly knowing where we would end up.

Lily, PeterLamb & Julia

Who are the travelers today? Lily is from Belgium and she came to Lisbon for 4 days, being couchsurfer at my place and Julia is from Poland, coming to Lisbon for one semester to study architecture.

We went out of Alges heading first to Estadio National. Unfortunatly we ended up not taking a picture at that nice place. One day I will be back there and share the picture with you.

We continued along the river, following the route I cycle every day to go to work!

Cycling along the river, train passing by

Soon we passed in Paço de Arcos.

Paço de Arcos

Just after Paço de Arcos there is a "sidewalk"(?) along the river. It is forbidden to cycle in it on the weekends from 9AM till 8PM but I guess that if you are just cycling quite slowly it should not be a problem.

The couchsurfers cycling
All the group

The route is quite scenic and the weather was just perfect for the end of summer. For sure that good weather like this is going to be missed in a short while.

The girls heading West

We stopped here and there for some pictures and chat, afterall we were not in a rush at all, either haven't decided where exactly we were going. We were just having a good time!

Girls looking at something interesting! :)
Having a chat along the way

We were getting closer to "Marina de Oeiras" a small harbour for yatch and other small boats. We were getting hungry so we stopped there for some ice-cream and pancake.

Peter Lamb & Julia having a break
Lily admiring the views

At Marina de Oeiras we had to decide if we would continue further or just come back to Lisbon but everyone had still energy to keep going and we could eventually take the train back home if needed. As most of you know, it is just outside from Lisbon that the river Tejo flows into the ocean, so, sooner or later, you are not cycling along the river but you have the ocean by your side.

Lily and the ocean
Peter Lamb & the ocean

We kept stopping here and there for some pictures and small breaks.

Yes, Peter Lamb is strong! Having a light bike also helps! :)
Peter la,b typical flying picture :)
Peter Lamb & Julia

We decided to cycle all the way to Cascais as everyone was enjoying this small trip.

The girls, still not tired, almost reaching Cascais
A group picture. Lily, Peter & Julia

We all enjoyed the time in Cascais although we did not take many pictures. I share with you this picture of one of the most polemic project in Cascais area. It is a residencial building with very expensive appartments.

Residential Building in Cascais

It was then time to head back home and we decided to take a train. We only need to pay normal tickets, as the bikes are for free!

Tired girls on the train to Alges

I do not have here the details of the trip. I have at home the file from GPS, which I will update soon. We ended up cycling around 22 km I think.


That's all for now folks!