sábado, 31 de maio de 2014

Weekend trip to Alcacer do Sal - Day 1

Dear all,


I couldn't wait to be back on the road, so no matter what I would have to make a small trip this weekend.

The weather did not look that nice yesterday morning, being overcast and some loght rain, but nothing was going to change my mind. You could even send some hail storm, tropical rain or thunderstorm, I would be on the road again on 31st May! Luckly Saint Peter decided to present me with a nice "summer" day :)

I woke up late, with some last minute packing to be done and some music for the rode still to ne transferred to the ipod. Well, switching on the old computer is almost a drama and understanding the itunes should be way easier.

So, quite later than i planned, it was time to hit the road and cycle till Terreiro do Paço to board the 11h00 boat bound to Montijo.

Peter Lamb's ride for the day
The cruise ship bound for Montijo
My ride waiting to start the trip

The boat ride is quite fast, so soon I was able to start cycling!

Peter Lamb at the start of cycling day!

I really do not know when it was the last time I have been in Montijo city center, so this tome I decided to do it.

Colourful house in Montijo

I had no idea where I was heading but luckly I have found a street market, where I seized to buy some fruits and tomato for the day.

The market in Montijo
How can you resist to that?
Montijo downtown

I could not find by myself the directions I was looking for so I asked some guys who helped me with navigation. Soon I was able to be on the route I wanted towards Poceirao.

On the way to Poceirao, close to the vineyards

This road (N5) is quite narrow but there was not much traffic. Moreover it jas no curves for a long long time (i guess 8km, but I am not really sure)!

Straight ahead
Peter Lamb cycling!

I was cycling already for a long time, so I had a small break close to a N5 milestone.

My ride and extrawheel having a break
Peter Lamb and the N5 milestone

I had a longer break at Poceirao, as I was already running out of water. In fact it was a quite hot day for cycling.

After Poceirao, the road to Aguas de Moura is similar to the previous one, so not much more to say about it.

At Aguas de Moura I wanted to avoid the main road towards the Algarve, so I turned left and found a small road that despite being longer was definatly more scenic and less crowded.

Peter Lamb enjoying the scenic road
Peter Lamb

The road is really quiet but it was really hot and I started to feel weaker and weaker after km40 (plus 9 from Alges to Terreiro do Paco).

Peter Lamb cycling on quiet road
Despite the hard day, happy mode on!

More or less at this point I run out of water. The situation got a bit more serious when I was feeling lost as for some km I did not find the small village that should be on my way. Luckly I bought that fruits in Montijo, it tasted gooooooood :)

Countryside, Portugal

When I reached a slightly wider road, I thought that would be easier to find a village or a house where I coild ask for some water, but there were only abandoned houses, so I had no other choice than reduce the pace and wait for better news.

The place eventually came and believe me, it looked like an oasis!

The oasis! :)

I was already feeling very tired at this point, and there was still about 15km to go.

Peter Lamb's shadow cycling

At this point the uphills were overcome at a pace that I am even ashamed of it, but I managed it!

You can't call this flat, but it is not tha hilly also!

The hardest part is really on the main road towards Algarve, where the last hill was done at a average pace of 8km/h! I even run faster than that, ahahah!

Finally I reached the destination of the day!

Peter Lamb at Alcacer do Sal

I was so tired that I decided to leave the visit to the city center for the next day and I headed directly to the camping!

Assembling the palace! :)
My palace! :)

The camping is quite nice, rather small but cosy.

It has a swimming pool, but unfortunatly it is only open after 15th June!

Reception and living room
Alcacer camping

After a visit to the supermarket to buy some supplies for dinner, finally a well deserved shower and I could look a bit more decent again!

Peter Lamb very very tired!

In total I cycled 93 km today, so I do have a reason to be tired, as extrawheel was quite loaded!

Tomorrow will be a easier ride towards Troia, something like 50 km away from here!


As usual, the details of the rides can be found here:

http://connect.garmin.com/activity/510636326 (Alges - Terreiro do Paco)

http://connect.garmin.com/activity/511033386 (Montijo - Alcacer do Sal)

Top speed of the day 50,7 km/h, it feels good!


Well, that's all for now folks!





domingo, 25 de maio de 2014

Champions league final, Lisbon

Dear all,


It has been an interesting weekend in Lisbon mostly due to the soccer champions league match that was held in Estadio da Luz.

I decided to meet another traveler, and check how the ambience was in downtown just before the match.

PeterLamb on his way to city center
Fully packed and ready to go? I wish!!

I promised Pedro that I would take the roadbike and the trailer so he could test it!

Pedro is a great guy and he is just starting a trip around Portugal and Spain for about 3 months. We had a good meal close to the river and share some stories and past experiences.

Pedro, I wish you a very pleasent trip!!

Pedro's cycling side by side

After the meal we headed to the city center to check how was the atmosphere with the soccer fans!

Real fans were mostly downtown. We could not believe how many people were gathered there:

Real fans @ Praca da Figueira
Pedro's with the Real fans

We cycled a bit around Rossio and Baixa and it was time to split, as Pedro still had some kilometers ahaed to return home.

On my way home my couchsurfer phoned saying that she was downtown, so I came back to meet her just before the match.

Peter Lamb & Karin

Well, time to head home and get ready for dinner with friends and some drinks to celebrate the Real 10th champions league cup!


As usual, details of the ride can be checked here:



That's all for now folks!





domingo, 4 de maio de 2014

Bike touring in Lisbon with Margarida and couchsurfers Dea & Marco

Dear all,


Today was just a short and easy ride across Lisbon, but I wanna share it here on the blog!

All started some days ago, as Imsettled with two couchsurfers that we could go for some bike ride. We settled tommeet in Alges at 14h but they missed the train stop and while waiting in McDonalds for them I saw on Facebook that Margarida would like to join us. So we settled to meet in Belém.

The original idea would be to cycle in Cascais but due to the Lisbon OutJazz in Belem, we decided to go just to the city center and chill out at the festival for a beer then.

Marco & Dea
The crew for today: Peter Lamb, Margarida, Marco and Dea

Soon we reached the 25th April bridge and we stopped a bit.

Peter & Margarida by the river
Back to the ride, downwind

What could be a better place than a group picture near the Portuguese flag?

Sunday mood :)

We continued along the river and just a bit after Cais do Sodre we saw one of the last creations of Joana Vasconcelos:

Joana Vasconcelos creatio: Cacilheiro covered wirh tiles

Our turning point was Rossio:

No it is not rainning! :)
Picture of the locals, Peter Lamb and Margarida

The concert at Belém had already started, so we decided to go back, afterall we were already about 12km away from home:

Everyone enjoying the ride

I think I am never tired to cycle along the river bank. Have to go to South bank one next time though...

The lovely cycling path along Tejo
Sunbaving :)
25th April bridge

Had to wait for a couple of minutes for them, as I didn't noticed that they were ridding a bit slower:

Margarida biking
Dea & Marco enjoying the ride!

When we are reaching Belém, there was a cruise ship departing:

Farewell :)

The atmosphere in Lisbon Outjazz was great and we were enjoying a beer and a snack! Thanks for the food and the beer guys! Cheers :)

Dea & Marco
Sharing some of the travel stories :)

Unfortunatly on my way home I broke the support of the rear derailleur! I am mad about it!

I am starting to think that extrawheel touches the derailleur sometimes and eventually it breaks...

It hurts just to look at it!

Details of the trip can be seen here:


That's all for now folks!