domingo, 1 de junho de 2014

Weekend trip to Alcacer do Sal - Day 2

Dear all,


The internet was so slow yesterday at the camping that took me nearly 1h20 to upload the pictures to the blog.

It was slightly warmer than I was expecting and the grass was quite comfy. I was so tired that I even have missed the matress that I left in Lisbon.

I decided not to set any alarm clock, trusting that I would mot sleep all day long! Morning was in slow mode, afterall, why to rush?

Ready to start the day
This picture was taken by a French lady who came to take a picture of the trailer, as her husband would like to get a picture of it, but he went cycling in the morning while I was sleeping.
Fully packed and ready to go


Pardon, je ne sais pas votre nom, mais il y a ete un plaisire de parler un petit peu avec vous. Je vous sauhaite une bonne voyage au Portugal!

I headed to the center, avoiding the shortest route to my destination, but I really wanted to see the center. Afterall, it has been some years since I stopped in Alcacer do Sal.

Alcacer do Sal
Why it's not lunch time?? I would try one of each! :)

The river is called Sado and it is the only one in Portugal that flows North.

Peter Lamb and the river Sado

It was already midday and the sun was so intense!

May a Lamb join you doing nothing? :)

Alcacer do Sal and this region is known for the rice it is produced here:

Rice fields and the river Sado
Alcacer do Sal
Rice fields

The road towards Troia is quite nice, being troia a bit over 40km from Alcacer do Sal.

N253 towards Comporta

This road is crossed by a railway bridge that was build by the company I work for.

Bridge for railway

The cycling continued for some kilometers and I had a short stop for some fruits and rest a bit.

Can you hurry up with the picture? I am hungry!!!
Mu ride at km10 milestone

Time to be back on the road, trying to reach the ferry boat on time!

Peter Lamb followed by extrawheel
Struggling with the intense heat

I arrived at Comporta, but had no time to visit the museum once again. I have been told that it is worthy!

Some more rice fields

It did not take long to find the ocean! Really nice blue colour, i am not sure how the pictures really look like the reality there.

The Atlantic Ocean
Have to find courage to bike on those hills someday soon
Peter Lamb on happy mode

I was quite tired at this phase and run out of water again. I needed to rest for a while and cycling was going waaaay slowly after this point.

The ferry boat to Setubal
Almost there!
Ready for disembarking

The ride costs 3,50 and bike is for free. They have free wifi on board now.

My ride on the cruise ship :)
Troia and Arrabida mountains behind
The other ferry boat bound to Troia
Peter Lamb
Peter Lamb
Approaching Setubal

After disembarking I headed straight to the train station that would take me back to Lisbon. I lost the train forma metter of seconds, so I needed to wait one hour for the next one!


The details of my ride (only the main part of the day) can be found here:


In total I have cycled 152,88 km on this trip. i am tired, but happy!


That's all for now folks.

See you at my next trip!