domingo, 19 de janeiro de 2014

Bike tour with couchsurfer Viera from Slovakia

Dear all,


So I have decided to buy a road bike, something I had in my mind for quite a while. There was a guy selling a brand new bike with a big discount because he is leaving the country soon, so I have decided to seize this chance!

Yesterday I have tested the bike on a small trip by myself but as today I was hosting Viera, a couchsurfer from Slovakia, we went on a city tour by bike!


We left Algés and went to the beach to walk a bit and seize the sunny winter day:

Peter Lamb and his bikes

The trip continued along the river bank, with the Belém attractions:

Peter Lamb and Viera
Viera and Torre de Belém
Peter Lamb and Viera with 25th April bridge in the background

The trip continued and one of the stops I had the chance of having a picture of my new ride. Isn't she beautiful?

PeterLamb's newest ride

The following stopover was close to the bridge.

Peter Lamb chilling out on a Sunday morning!
Peter Lamb and Viera

After a while we changed the bikes, they are way way different!

Viera and my new bike
Viera trying the bike

The following stop was at Terreiro do Paço:

Peter Lamb and Viera close to river Tejo
With Terreiro do Paço in the background

Terreiro do Paço is one really nice square in Lisbon. There is a viewpoint on the top, close to the statues shown on the next picture. The fee is 2,5 Euro but we couldn't go as we could not leave the bikes. One next time!

A yellow tram at Terreiro do Paço

The journey continued along Rua Augusta towards Praça D. Pedro IV, also known as Rossio.

Peter Lamb on Rua Augusta with the bikes
D. Maria II, the national theater

The journey continued but close to Bica there were some rain showers:

Bica's elevator
Parliament's front façade

We settled with my lovely sister to have a lunch at the best baguette in the world place, located in Belém:

Brotherwood love :)
Viera having a break
Peter Lamb having a break

Just a bit before Belém I found out that I had the back tire flat. How is it possible? On my touring bike I have close to 3,000 kilometers and I never had a flat tire, even going through Latvian's unpaved roads. This new back tire lasted under 40 kilometers! Hopefully I will be luckier from now on!

So, the trip back home was done by walking!

With fountain and Jeronimo's monestry in the background

A small stop at Centro Cultural de Belém for some pictures:

Viera on happy mode!
Peter Lamb keeping the balance!
Sunset colours from CCB

On the way home we took two last pictures:

Peter Lamb's bike with flat tire
Peter Lamb and Viera


The details and all the data of this trip can be seen on the following link:

You can change for metric units at the top right of the page


That is all for now folks!





quarta-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2014

First cycling of 2014!

Dear all,


After a good new year's eve, in the company of very good people, it was sort of settled among some of the people that we would go to Carcavelos Beach on the next day for the first swim of the year. Imreally thought that would be just an idea (probably due to the large amount of alcohool consumed during the night), but in fact the idea proceeded on the next day! So, of course I would join! (If I really would go for a swim or just meet them on the beach on this winter day was something yet to be decided!)

People were gathering at Cais do Sodré to come by train, but I had a look at my bicycle in the morning (lets call 12h50 morning, ok?), and thought, why not cycle there? Afterall Carcavelos beach is only about 12,5 km away from home!

Peter Lamb ready to bike at the first day of the year!

The jorney would take me along the river bank. Along the way I passed close to the reminder and countdown to the Lisbon's half marathon. I have 74 days to get ready for it!

74 days to go!
Peter Lamb close to the river
Does it looks like a good day for the beach?

Well, the weather was not looking nicer closer to the beach, but still I was enjoying this first ride of the year.

Stormy weather
The fortress, really close of my final destination

I arrived a bit earlier than the girls, so I seized for some more pictures and start to write this post.

Peter lamb in the almost desert Carcavelos Beach
My bike is also a beach lover!

Well, I indeed had the courage for the first swim of the year, quite cold indeed but nice. Inês also swam, maintaing the tradition ( already 2 years old one!!!). Maybe I will do it again, hopefully on the summer South hemisphere, ahah!

Peter Lamb and the girls

It was a nice program for the end of the day! Thanks for the invitation Inês!!


Cycling home was way faster, as I was cycling downwind!


Summary of the day:

  • Distance - 24,13 km
  • Time - 1h24m23s
  • Average Speed - 17,37 km/h
  • Top Speed - 45,36 km/h

That's all for now folks!



Peter Lamb