sábado, 31 de agosto de 2013

Saturday, 31st August 2013

Dear all,

There are no more pictures on the days after reaching Tallin.
No matter what, a word must be said about all the great people that I met on the way!
I am glad that I changed my travel plans, and I am now on the bus from Riga towards Warsaw.
I had the chance of meeting and be hosted again by Marta in Riga and share all the latest adventures of "after Riga", Zita has came to the bus stop in Kaunas - even if the bus just stopped there for a few minutes was great to see her and talk a little!
I will be staying at Marta's place in Warsaw. It will be very nice to see her again as well!
Just a remark: buses are getting more and more confortable these days with better seats, internet and individual entretainment system (if you come to the Baltics you should definatly consider LuxExpress), but 13hours on a bus is a looooong way! Anyway, it is a chance of seeing the very same routes I cycled before and meet those wonderful persons again!

And that is all for now folks!


Numbers about this trip

Dear all,


If you are thinking that, by the title if this post, thst I am going to write the phone numbers of all the wonderful people I met on this trip, you are.... WRONG! :)

In what it concerns to cycling (or travelling, if you would prefer), as the Day 20 post referes, I have made a total of 1310,48 km.

I think that would be nice to have a division according to the countries, so here you have:

  • Poland - 160,22 km
  • Lithuania - 363,99 km
  • Latvia - 438,96 km
  • Estonia - 347,31 km

Just some remarks that I would point out (I think I remember all):

  • The original plan was not to cycle at all in Poland but it was nice to be there as well
  • Lithuania has a lot of very nice places and I am happy that I could pass in some of them
  • I am surprised that was in Latvia that I cycled the most. The original plan was justto cross it quickly but was indeed very nice decision to come to Riga and just cycle more in Latvia. There is a huge huge difference in terms of development between the region of Daugavpils and the western part of the country but was nice to see it both.
  • Estonia is indeed a very good cycling destination, as the routes are designed to take you away of intense traffic roads.
  • I had no time to cycle to Cesis and Sigulda in Latvia, as well as Tartu in Estonia (or go to the Estonian islands, following the cycling route number 1 in Estonia), so to be back to theses places one day seems a good plan to me!


Now, here you have some other numbers:

  • Longest distance in one day - 140,76 km
  • Longest time cycling in one day - 7h48m51s
  • Maximum Speed - 57,73 km/h (did not check all the days, but I think that this one was the top one)
  • Global average speed of this trip: 17,82 km/h

That is all for now folks!





How much does it cost?

Dear all,

I must tell that I did not even think if I should post this or not, I simply don't care if I should or not :)

This should be read as indicative, because it really deppends on travelling styles and what is important for you while travelling.

Looking back at this numbers, I would point out some remarks:

  • I do love to send postcards :)
  • Hotel bill, considering it was just two nights is somehow expensive - could be reduced by staying at a guest house in Paide, or looking for a camping or try the wild camping! Regarding the overnights, I stayed 2 nights in hotels, 5 nights in campings and 13 nights with lovely hosts with Couchsurfing (cheers girls!).
  • I could carry some cooking gear, that would drop the restaurants bill (specially if I will make other trip in warmer countries and if I plan to stay in campings more often).
  • Only the fact that I took a plane to go abroad took about 40% of the total cost. Of course that if you cycle at your home country the costs will be different (some things cheaper but others more expensive)!
  • Considering that I did not care at all of making a "trip on the bugdet", the fact that I was on holidays and all the good moments I had, I think it was a bargain! I don't want to get too deep into this, but I know that, on longer trips, you can spend as little as 15 Euro per day, all included! (You do have to camp wild some days, still too much hardcore for me!)
  • All this costs as much as not having 5 coffes per day! Sorry folks, I Could not resist to this one...


That is all for now folks!





Friday, 30th August 2013

Dear all,


As the title shows, this trip by bicycle has come to the end. Anyway, there are some other things that should be also in this blog, as to keep alive this travel memory.

After waking up and packing for the last time I headed to the centre to look for the bicycle shop. People there are very friendly and we were talking for a bit. It was a nice surprise that the price to send the bicycle back to Portugal was just 35 Euro, so in total I spent only 44 Euro (the extra is for some maintenance and packing)! I was told that they can make the inverse process! I am wondering how much the Portuguese post charges for sending the bicycle here (one day I will check it and I will post it here)!

City bike, Tallin

I left my bags at the shop and tried to look for a "chinese bag" to put my three bags inside it and look like I am carrying just one volume. Ciuld not really find it!

I walked a bit through the city. Old town is absolutely packed with tourists, everyone following the guide, you hear a lot of different languages and a lot of different styles.

Definatly, that is not my way of travelling!


I went then to meet Kart, my cousin's (Nuno) friend. She actually left her job just to meet me! Kart, was an absolute pleasure this time you shared with me! Thank you so much for the tea, and I think you have more than enough reasons to meet the Lamb family back in Portugal!

Me and Katre in Tallin

I wrote this post to you on the bus from Tallin to Riga. It was nice to see all of those places that I cycled a few days ago. But now that I have a way to compare, I must tell you: it is waaaaay much better with the bicycle!


I will be hosted again by Marta in Riga. It will be nice to see her again and share some of the cycling adventures in Estonia!


That's all for now folks!





sexta-feira, 30 de agosto de 2013

Day 20 - Paide - Tallin

Dear all,

The alarm clock woke me up at 8h30. I wanted to wake up earlier, but I was in fact a bit tired...

Hotel's breakfast was not that good, but a ate the most I could for facing the long day I had ahead of me.

Fully packed and ready to go!

I started cycling, happy that I would reach my goal of arriving to Tallin!

Last day of cycling

No surprising, I was about to 120 km from destination:

About 120 km to go!

Today was a day of much cycling, my left knee was hurting for the first 20 km, but I was determined to reach Tallin no matter what! I recall that I made over 44 km in the first 2 hours of cycling, quite good pace!

After a few more kilometers, the bicycle has completed 2000 km since I bought it in April! It also meant that since Southern Lithuania I have cycled 1000 km. Good!

2000 km!
2000 km on the wheels!

Views on cycling route 2 change quite often. I was not taking much pictures, but here it is a glimpse for you:

Cycling route 2, Estonia
Cycling route 2, Estonia
Cycling route 2, Estonia
Cycling route 2, Estonia

There are sometimes complete informations regarding the distances, along the cycling route:

Information point on cycling route 2. 78 km to go!

The weather somehow started to change but I was far to believe that would be seriou. Afterall, from all the cycling, I only got rain in Poland! Crossed all Lithuania and Latvia without a single drop, don't tell me that will rain on the last cycling day in Estonia!

Rain gear on!
Rainy weather!
Mood not affected, at all!

Well, it got a bit more serious when the lightnings started to strike. Never got it if you should stop (under a tree?) or because you have rubber tires, if you should just proceed. Welll, I did cintinued with the cycling!

The result, was close to this:

Sweeping away the rain!

People use to say: "You can't have a rainbow without a little rain". But what does it mean a little rain? Anyway, here you have the rainbow:


There was a little frog crossin the road. I stopped to take some pictures and rest my legs a bit, afterall i had already cycled almost 100 km.

Friendly Estonian (I guess) frog!
Wanna ride buddy?

Cycling continued, and soon there is a place where 3 of cycling routes gather together:

Unfortunatly I have to turn left here!

After a few kilometers there are the waterfalls of Jagalla. They should be nicer in spring with more water, as the water flow was just enough to fulfil half of the river bank!

I got (again, and for the third time in three days - four times in all this trip), the 100km milestone in a day!

Cruising at 21 km/h, 100 km cycled so far!
Low quality self portrait

From the signs you get to know that Estonian cycling routes are integrated in the EuroVelo cycling routes. It would be nice that all the countries would have their routes fully signed as in Estonia.

NorthCapemto Athens seems a good idea!

Still not in Tallin, but some celebration already starting (not so easy to cycle, celebrate and take photos. I am a men, afterall)!

Close to Tallin
Celebration continues

I had many photo ideas to when I would arrive to Tallin, as the picture of the day, another one carrying the bike... But arriving to Tallin on this cycling route is somehow a disappointment. I did not see any sign and the cycling rout 2 finnishes like this:

End of cycling route 2

I headed to the centre and phoned Katre to know where to meet. I was kind of exhausted, so I am sorry for those pictures:

Made it till Tallin!
Tallin' mais square
Exhausted Peter Lamb in Tallin

It was very nice to see Katre again in Tallin and went out for a dinner and talk a bit more.

Thank you so much for hosting me again Katre! Cheers!!


Summary of the day:

  • Daily distance: 140,76 km (longest day of whole trip)
  • Daily time: 7h48m51s (longest time I spent on bike in a day - still less than going to work!)
  • Average speed: 18,15 km/h
  • Maximum speed: 34,51 km/h


  • Total traveled: 1310,48 km
  • Total time cycling: 73h31m12s (slighthly over 3 days!)


And that is all for now folks!





quarta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2013

Day 19 - Parnu - Paide

Dear all,


The day started at 7h00, because Diana should leave for work at 7h30.

Thank you so much Diana for your kind hosting! Anytime in Lisbon let me know. I will be more than happy to host you and show you around! The same for you Chris! Cheers!!

Yesterday night I did not access to the internet, so I planned only with the map to take the main road from Parnu towards Tallin and somewhere after Marjamaa, head towards Paldiski and from there cycling route number 1 again to Tallin. The cycling route 1 goes really all the way along the costline and also on the islands, so I had no chance this time to make all that route.

In the morning I remembered that when approaching to Parnu I saw signs for cycling routes 2 and 5, so I decided to check where that goes. If you plan to visit Estonia by bicycle, just check this website: http://www.bicycle.ee/

It has all the information you need to know about the routes (well, maybe not the places for sleeping, but the routes itself)! Then, as I wrote yesterday, navigating is very easy!

So, the cycling route 2 is about 250km, connecting Parnu and Tallin, passing also on the waterfalls, that should be interesting. And avoiding the main road seemed a good plan to me. Bit heavy in what it concerns to cycling, but yeah, it will be the last 2 days on the road!

After the "internet stuff" I went to the beach to take some picture and look for a place for breakfast.

Fully packed and ready to go! At the beach in Parnu
Didn't go swimming today!

The weather was looking quite scary but luckly was just a threat:

Will it rain?

When I was searching for a place to eat I passed near a nice hotel, with a nice name:

Sorry for the low quality of the next picture, but I like the phrase and thought that I should shareit with you :

Nice phrase!

I made a small stop at tourism information point to send some postcards and they suggested me to cross the river and catch the cycling paths towards the cycling routes later on.

Crossing the river in Parnu

I had already about 30 km of cycling when I found out the following sign:

That would mean that no way to think of doing less than 110 km today!

Cycling route number 2 is very nice, with the views changing quite often:

Morning light on cycling route 2
Keeping strong, building some kilometers!
Very nice road

One thing that is impressive is the amount of apple trees you find. There is a lot in the yards of houses and even on the roads:

Apple trees! Very very low traffic

As already told, navigating on this cycling routes is very easy and this one takes you on this brigde ( it does shake a lot when you cross it):

Indiana Jones bridge

On the other side of the bridge you will find about 10 to 15 km of gravel road, but somehow soft:

Gravel road

Back to the tarmac roads some kilometers after:

Countryside Estonia
Playing with shadow and bike

I cannot remember exactly who told me (Marta or Zita), but this type of tree, when it gets this colour, somehow indicates the end of summer and beginning of the autumm:

Endof summer sign
End of summer!

One thing but me told about the Estonians: you see some bicycles on your way and very seldom they don't wave back! Seems friendly!

Cycling on route 2
Keeping strong after 80 km on the legs
You gotta love these views

There is also one thing that is very typical in here. They seize the warm season for storing wood that will use for winter time. Afterall, they will have -30 degrees in some months:

Having a break!

Not much time way, it come the 100 km milestone of the day:

Reaching 100 km on the day!

On a crossing, you can really understand how simple it is to navigate through the cycling routes in Estonia:

I kept on route 2, despite the extra kilometers
At the end of the day!

I could not find the hotel at the next city and it was there where I took the picture of the day. I actually stayed at the next town, 5 km after.

Me in Vaatsa

I arrived to the hotel already at night. It is a bit expensive, 47Euro, but nice. Did not find any campings andis rather cold outside. Guest houses could be a possibility, butb.i felt like ending the day as soon as possible to rest!


Somehow late at night I got a reply from Katre, saying that she will be in Tallin and can host me! Great news!! Cheers Katre!!


Summary of the day:

  • Daily distance: 124,18 km
  • Daily time: 6h55m39s
  • Average speed: 18,09 km/h
  • Maximum speed: 51,93 km/h


  • Total traveled so far: 1169,72 km
  • Total time cycling: 65h42m21s


And that is all for now folks!