domingo, 5 de outubro de 2014

Saturday ride to the beach with Zita & Jose

Dear all,


What a blast!!

Well, Zita, my friend from Lithuania came up for a visit to lovely Portugal and I was delighted to show her around! Zita was my host in Kaunas, during my trip in the baltics last year. Moreover she helped me a lot with planning my trip, so it is an absolute pleasure to hsot her here in Lisbon!

She came with Jose, my former couchsurfer from Chaves, Portugal. I can really say now that they are two friends of me! Cheers guys!!

Jose, Zita & Peter Lamb

We cycled a bit towards Belem, afterall Zita haven't been there before!

Torre de Belem
Peter Lamb close to Padrao dos Descobrimentos
Padrao dos Descobrimentos

The weather was quite dull and the light difuse, so making the best pictures was not easy!

Sailing boat
Presidencial Palace

Of course that a stop by the Pasteis de Belem was mandatory. Someone had to have a look at the bikes, so I could resist the temptation of having one pastel de belem!! :)

Pasteis de Belem

After Belem we headed up for Carcavelos beach to meet Julia for an acroyoga jam.

Zita loved the way there and yes, I realise how nice is part of my cycling path towards work every day.

Peter Lamb & Zita
On the way to Paco de Arcos

Then we slowed down a bit to cycle on the path after Paco de Arcos. We feel that cycling about 8 km/h in such path, although forbidden should not be a problem. The problem is the biker that path through us fore sure at more than 15km/h and makes this paths forbidden to all bikers untill 20h! Honestly, what a Jackass!!

Zita loving her cycling path, jose a bit more at the front

There was a quite big cruise ship departing Lisbon. I did not see its name though, but it seemed very big!!

Jose and the big cruise ship
Jose Magalhaes

The Acroioga jam was due to start at 16h, but we ended up arriving there closer to 17h. Julia could gather together around 15 people, some of them for the first session ever and some people with more experience.

Julia was explaining how to make such exercises and demonstrating them as well. After that she was always willing to help the others with hints and corrections when needed!

My partners for the practice were Milena from Poland and Genia from Lithania. They are both living now in Lisbon, finishing a PhD and post-study research.

Milena, the flyer and Genia, the base
Peter Lamb in Zen mode
Milena, Genia & Peter Lamb
Same people, different pose

Zita was very happy to still have a beach day in October, and such a nice one!!

Jose, Zita & Peter Lamb

The Sun was almost setting, so it was time to cycle back home. The colour of the sky were quite nice on the way back.

One more cruise ship departing from Lisbon
Sunset colours :)

We ended up cycling a bit over 30 km, but it was great for all of us!

Details of the trip can be check here:


That is all for now folks!



Peter Lamb